Tara Penick

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Tara Penick’s work traverses ideas of nostalgia, fragility, vulnerability. Using primarily film photography, her self-reflective approach to her subjects—family, friends, gatherings, and their surroundings—is intuitive and vulnerable, and speaks to the ineffable feeling of loss that comes with each moment’s passing. “Nothing stays the same, places change, people die, the sun always sets, and time is fleeting,” says Penick. Her work exploits photography’s ability to record ephemeral, uncontrived moments.

Tara Penick was born in Plantation, FL and lives and works in Fort Lauderdale. She has a BA in photography from Florida International University (2012). She has exhibited at Young at Art Museum (Davie, FL), Boca Raton Museum of Art (FL), Art & Culture Center of Hollywood (FL), Beard & Weil Gallery (Norton, MA). Her work can be found in the permanent collections of Girls’ Club (Fort Lauderdale, FL) and Cuban American Phototheque Foundation (Miami).



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