Dana Fortune

 Dana Fortune: The Technicolor Beyond

January 19th – February 11th

Opening reception January 19, 6-9pm


design sublime is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of Miami artist Dana Fortune. Curated by Jane Hart, The Technicolor Beyond features digital collages that manipulate materials from the golden age of illustrated books. Fortune composes free-spirited scenes of earthbound and galactic landscapes and populates them with swim, surf and lingerie models.
Fortune’s cosmology is definitively feminine and rainbow-hued. Her scenarios exude positive vibrations, embracing both nostalgic and futuristic visions of well-being. A self-described “Lover of Fantasy. Believer in Magic,” Fortune’s artistic projects also include a series of photographs of Goth personalities, and free-wheeling fashion photography that channels the playfulness of 1980s Memphis spaces and patterns.
The prints on view at design sublime are available in a limited edition of six. Fortune will also present a work of woven textile and 3D papier maché.
Originally from Fort Lauderdale, Dana Fortune received a Bachelor of Science in Archaelology and Photography from Towson University in Marlyland, and then went on to receive a Master’s Degree in Fashion Photography from School of Visual Arts in New York.

– Curator’s statement –

I first met Dana during a chance encounter as Art Fair Week was winding down. I asked to see samples of her work, and was immediately very enthused. We remained in touch and I was excited to work with her should an appropriate occasion arise. Some months later Karina Rasmussen contacted me to see if I’d like to curate a show at design sublime. I was elated and immediately thought Dana’s work in various mediums would make a perfect fit for the gallery given its specific mission of intertwining contemporary art and design. Dana’s collages, objects and installation are all infused with a exhuberent multicolored effect. Her computer generated collages made from both found and digitally manipulated imagery explode with a rainbow of hues and intricate detail. Upon viewing these works, one is struck with a sense of wonder and excitement, immersed into another state of mind that is joyfully and mysteriously uplifting. Color is key to all of Dana’s fantastical landscapes. In addition to the collages, there are weavings, wall and floor treatments, and a selection of three-dimensional objects. All of the work combined will create an atmosphere seductive with intense coloration. American writer Faber Birren devoted his life to color and it’s effects on human life. After writing approximately 25 texts on the topic, it is indisputable that his work is paramount among color experts and psychologists internationally. Birren’s work has a strong focus on linking how humans perceive colors to how it makes them react. Birren is quoted In the New York Times from October 1982:

“Perhaps these are new beginnings. The magical properties of light and color,… since the earliest of times, accepted, renounced and accepted again through the ages, have forever held fascination. It would be delightful, of course, if a thing of such psychological beauty – color – also held a mundane role in human physiological well-being.”

Undoubtedly Dana’s approach to creativity (whether consciously or subconsciously) adheres to the notion of color’s role in healing. In these turbulent times I believe that such richly colored work can be of benefit to all.

Jane Hart